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The Scariest Car Names of All Time

By October 30, 2018March 31st, 2020Interesting Topics
Yes, it’s that time of year again. And while it’s unlikely that any automotive marketer has ever bestowed a name on a car with the express intention of scaring buyers, here are five that are, well, kinda scary.
5. AMC Gremlin
AMC probably was thinking more of the cherubic, impish mischief-making gremlin from the “Bugs Bunny” cartoon, “Falling Hare,” when they named their new compact. Obviously, nobody at American Motors ever fed one after midnight.
4. Rolls-Royce Ghost
The Ghost is either an often-used Rolls-Royce moniker or the last refuge of a short-on-imagination trick-or-treater wielding a sheet and a pair of scissors.
3. Dodge Charger Hellcat
The most common definition of hellcat is “witch.” And it doesn’t get much more Halloween-y than that, does it?
2. Mercury Marauder
This one conjures up images of roving bands of animal skin-clad barbarians. For that reason, it may well be one of the best names ever given to a Mercury.
1. Dodge Demon
Here’s one that was raised from the dead. We were first introduced to the Demon as a variant of the 1971-72 Dodge Dart, and then again with the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon; the world’s fastest production car from 0-100 mph. This is one car name that is sure to scare the neighborhood kids.