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Nine “American” muscle cars built in Canada

By March 11, 2020March 31st, 2020Interesting Topics

America’s automakers have been shipping muscle cars north into Canada since the original muscle car era of the 1960s, but many have also flowed in the other direction over the years. Canada’s auto industry dates to before the turn of the century, and there were hundreds of small Canadian automakers trying to make it happen before the first World War. Ford even established Ford Canada in 1904, just one year after Ford was founded in the U.S., and the operation quickly began sending cars all over the world, including India and Australia.

The Canada-U.S. Automotive Products Agreement, signed in 1965, allowed the Canadian auto industry to thrive once again, and the business of building high-performance muscle cars became an important part of Canadian automotive manufacturing. More than 50 years later, it still is.

We may call them American muscle cars, but the truth is many of our favorites have been built in Canada, and Canadians are still cranking them out today. Here are nine.