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Travelers IntelliDrive

By June 3, 2020Insurance

Travelers’ IntelliDrive is a 90-day program that uses a smartphone app to monitor your driving performance. By enrolling, you could save on your car insurance policy’s first term. At renewal, safe driving habits can lead to savings of up to 20%, while riskier driving habits may result in a higher premium.

What’s Measured:

time_of_dayTime of Day – When you drive can be as important as how you drive. Avoid driving really late at night to help improve your score.
speedSpeed – High speeds mean less time to react to hazards around you.
accelerationAcceleration – Smooth acceleration is easier on your car and good for your score.
brakingBraking – Avoid following too closely to better anticipate what other drivers are doing around you and avoid hard breaking.
distraction iconDistraction – Avoid making handheld calls, texting, and any other physical interactions with your phone while driving.

What’s in the App:

App Dashboard – This is your home base. Quickly check your driving performance, most recent trips and see safe driving tips.

Distraction Free Streak – See how many trips you’ve completed in a row without interacting with your phone. Streaks are a fun way to challenge yourself and your family to put down your phones and reduce distracted driving.

Driving Tips – Check out articles to learn more about safe driving.

Trip Details – Get details about a specific trip, with a map that highlights where you have had an event like a hard brake, or a fast acceleration.


Contact Black & Ramer Insurance today to learn more and sign up for Travelers’ IntelliDrive Program and start logging miles the next time you get behind the wheel.