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Safeco RightTrack

By June 3, 2020Insurance

Safe drivers save money

RightTrack® rewards you for your safe driving by putting you in control of your policy savings. The program is simple — just enroll, drive, and save. No matter how well you drive, you’ll be guaranteed to earn a discount just for participating. Here is how it works!

Just download the mobile app, drive, and save
By downloading the Safeco RightTrack app on your smart phone, we’ll monitor and reward your safe driving. Use the driving data in the app to learn how to improve your performance during the program. We even suggest starting a friendly competition with those on your policy to see who the best driver is.

How it works

  1. Enroll: Make sure you sign up for RightTrack when you purchase your Safeco Auto policy.
  2. Download: Simply download the Safeco RightTrack app from the iTunes App Store or the Google Play Store and follow the steps to register.
  3. Drive: You’ll drive with the program for 90 days. At any time, you can check your progress and performance in the app.
  4. Save: Your final discount will be applied to your premium once we’ve reviewed your results. You could see savings up to $513 per year on your premium.


Ways to maximize your savings

To get the best discount possible, keep these helpful hints in mind:

  • Encourage all drivers on your policy to participate. Everyone can positively contribute to your final score.
  • Check your trip maps to improve your safe driving on the road.
  • Avoid nighttime driving (midnight to 4am).
  • Try not to brake too hard and take it easy on the gas pedal.


Contact Black & Ramer Insurance today to learn more and sign up for Safeco’s RightTrack Program and start logging miles the next time you get behind the wheel.