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Remove Your Keys From Your Ignition

By August 18, 2021Insurance

More than 10% of all vehicle thefts had the keys left inside!

A surge in vehicle thefts is happening across the country, blamed by many people on the pandemic. This has contributed to increased unemployment, societal frustration and limited public safety resources, a combination of circumstances that has given disenfranchised, unemployed youth the needed motivation to acquire vehicles illegally.

Vehicle thefts have jumped to 873,000, the highest number in more than a decade, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau. With a limited supply of vehicles due to manufacturing shortages and increased post-pandemic demand from people returning to work, thieves are taking advantage of this boom in vehicle value to steal vehicles.

Whether you drive an expensive sports car or a trusty truck, you need to take precautions to ensure your vehicle remains safely in your possession. These are a few tips to thwart thieves from stealing your vehicle:

  • Always take your keys with you, close your windows, lock the doors and park in well-lit areas.
  • Never leave valuables in your vehicle, especially where they can be seen. Hide anything that may draw thieves’ interest, including your garage door opener.
  • Install a car alarm and a kill switch that can immobilize your stolen vehicle.
  • Install a GPS tracker or telematics to help authorities locate your vehicle.

Don’t become a target. Use safety measures to prevent vehicle theft. For more vehicle safety information, contact Black & Ramer Insurance, LLC.