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Get to Know Pet Insurance

By July 13, 2021Insurance


What is Pet Insurance?
Pet insurance is a voluntary benefit and provides coverage for most pet illnesses and
accidents. It primarily focuses on unpredictable medical incidents rather than your typical
routine preventive visits.
Similar to other forms of insurance, you pay a premium for your pet insurance policy. The
premiums, in most cases, will be paid through a payroll deduction. Most plans allow you to
choose from different levels of deductibles and coinsurances, which affects the premium. For
example, choosing a higher deductible means paying a lower premium.

What Are the Benefits?
Having pet insurance will cover most unforeseen illnesses and injuries. Cancer, tumors,
illnesses (e.g., unforeseen infections) and surgeries are examples in which pet insurance
may step in and help you out. However, pet insurance is generally not intended to cover
preexisting conditions and routine care or medical visits.
Pet insurance will make it affordable and, thus, often easier to agree to a life-saving
procedure or an emergency operation for your pet if an unforeseen medical complication

Why Pet Insurance Might Be for You
Although most pet owners budget for routine care, surprise accidents and illnesses can be
costly. If you already put time and resources into taking care of your pet, it might be worth it
to consider how to prepare for the unexpected. Having pet insurance is a great way to ensure
that you’ll be able to help your pet out for a reasonable cost if a surprise accident or illness

Want to Learn More?
For more information about pet insurance, contact HR.


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Get to Know Pet Insurance