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Erie’s YourTurn Program

By June 2, 2020Insurance

Erie’s YourTurn Program helps improve driver safety – one trip at a time.

Every year, distracted driving causes thousands of deaths in the U.S. and our roads are full of distractions that lead to unsafe driving behaviors, especially for young drivers. At Erie Insurance, we’re looking out for young drivers, but we also want to help make everyone safer on the road. One way we’re doing that is by offering our Customers the YourTurn Program free of charge.

By measuring certain criteria like speeding, braking and phone usage, the YourTurn Program helps to make drivers of all ages more aware of their driving behaviors and identifies areas for improvement.

Within the first 30 days of the program, users see an average reduction of these distractions:

                      35%                                                                                20%                                                                           20%     

 decrease in phone distractions                      reduction in hard braking                              reduction in at-risk speeding

And if being a safer driver isn’t important enough—participants also can earn rewards of up to $5 in gift cards every two weeks for driving safely.

Rewards are redeemable for gift cards that can be used on everyday purchases like a favorite latte from Starbucks or drivers can save up their gift cards to make a purchase (there are over 25 gift cards to choose from). There’s also an option to donate rewards to charity.

How do I sign up?

Contact Black & Ramer Insurance today to learn more and sign up for the YourTurn Rewards Program and start logging miles the next time you get behind the wheel.