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By July 1, 2020Insurance


Did You Know?

According to recent research from the University of Utah, using a handheld or hands-free mobile device slows a driver’s reactions as much as someone with a blood alcohol content of .08, the legal limit in all U.S. states. Using mobile devices to call, text or email is a leading cause of distracted driving.

  • Text messaging is a useful way to communicate quickly, but safety should never be traded for convenience.
  • Trying to write or read a text message while driving puts your full attention on your phone and not on the road, where it should be.
  • Distracted driving due to mobile devices isn’t just a problem with teenagers. Drivers of all ages are susceptible.
  • Remember, just because a driver is more experienced does not mean that they can drive more safely while texting, calling or otherwise being distracted by a mobile device.
  • Every day there are new incidences of serious injuries and fatalities due to a person texting while driving.
  • Because of the increasing danger of distracted driving, many states now outlaw the use of cellular phones in any capacity while driving, and your state may be one of them.
  • To avoid a ticket and a potentially dangerous accident, DO NOT USE YOUR CELLPHONE while driving. If you must absolutely make a phone call or text, pull off the road in a safe area and then do so.

Safety First

Would you think it was okay for a doctor to be texting, emailing or carrying on an unrelated phone conversation while performing an operation? This may sound silly, but a driver and a doctor both have the safety of others in their hands. Protect both your own and other people’s well-being while driving and put down your phone to keep everyone safe on the road.