Is Renters Insurance required?



Renters insurance or a tenant policy is not required by the state, but may be by your landlord. This type of policy covers your personal property, gives you some liability coverage and additional living expenses. Depending on your landlords requirements you may not have to have a policy but it is strongly recommended and may be more affordable then you think ~ call our Albion or Kendallville office to get a quote and find out more!





Should I have full coverage on my older vehicle?

Having full coverage on your vehicle, unless required by the bank, is a personal decision. Every situation is different. You may want to consider the value of your car or the amount of loss you can personally assume. If you were to have a total loss, could you afford to replace that vehicle? This is just one of the many questions to ask yourself. Contact your agent for more information!

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How do I insure my classic auto?


Although collector car insurance has been available for decades, most owners of collectibles, specialty cars and street rods are still insuring them through a standard insurance company despite the higher cost and often more restrictive policies. Taking the time to have it quoted through a company who specializes in classics could save you money and provide better coverage. Give your agent a call today and be covered by the time that car show comes to town!

Summertime Polar Vortex

We won’t see a snowman in the summer, but we will enjoy some cool temps. Click on the link below to read more!